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Elloo , Wiwiey here ! Emma 19 y/o , Sabahan Sandakan Malaysia live !
FYI , im one of the HOTTEST STPM candidates 2011 . sigh* , no more frolic around ! ANWY , i have a lots of things that i keep off from the web . i share what i want to share . i keep private what i want private . and this is the only place for me to screech out my anger and feelingss arghhhh ! but still im just an ordinary girl , and i do really love to make friends <3 I'm being loved by my fellow friends . I'm more than just myself . I am my own hero ! That may be strange , but that's me . So , live with it , alright ? I know , you know , YEAH.

Memories of mine.

Hepey tyme :) Tuesday, June 21, 2011 9:17 PM | 0 notes

tyme depan laut && tyme tgu buss p bandar :)

HAHAHA ! niey tyme ak hanging wif my beb c MILA :) kamie hanging p tguk wyg SUPER 8 tp act plan kamie tuh maw tguk NUR KASIH malangnya ak lambat turun bndar so showtyme soa tyme kamie smpai d pwagam ~ so pikirpnyapkir certa apa maw tguk lastly tepilih lah mvie SUPER8 tuhh ! heheheee :D BTW IM SOWIE KAMUE , CUZ AK KAMU DAK DPT TGUK NUR KASIH :") siuuuuukk juak mvie S8 ny palink best tyme kreta api xcdent sama 1keta ... nmpak btul mcm real ooo ! ak ny pun mnguk SHOCK hbes part tuuh ~ ada lek tyme ends mvie ny palink bestlah tp tp mcm tranfomers plak HAHAH tp siuk larhh ~ den pas tguk wyg kamie p bndar d blakang mall stay2 sana bgmbar2 nun kamu HAHAH tp tp member c MILA tuhh pemalu pemalu soma dak maw d ambel gmbar durank esssh :/ tp tp ak candidts sak tnpa durank taw * taw juak waa * HAHAHAH siukklarh jln sama durank gyla2 lek HAHAHA den stay pnya stay ak mila && c kuzhai && spasang kapel :)  kamie p mn tohh arhh lupa ak tmpat tuhh tp dkat milemwah larh ! tmpat tuh mcm KBOX nyanyi2 tp ak dak larh c mila pun juak nyanyii ~ heee ~ malu juak ak jln sama durank ny soma kena blanja dr tambang p pwgam , ticket , mnum , tmbang p bndar && mnnyi erggg ken malu kan -.- nway tenkss arrr kamue laen kalek bear ak plak trick kamue arhh law ada bajet larh HAHAH k tat all maw updte :D

candidts ny soma cuz malu kan duran -.-v

ak ma c mila dpan laut bgmbar sak keja kamie * just ignore my face ok *

Dalam pwgam * cute *



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